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Tilak Singh Pela Biography, Musical Career and Life Story

Tilak Singh Pela

Tilak Singh Pela is a singer and Composer with a soulful voice in Nepali music industry. He is rising as a personality of unique influence among Nepali music lovers due to his Gajal “Ke Lat Basyo”.

Tilak Singh Pela Biography

Tilak Singh Pela was born on 2032 B.S., in Dashrath Chandranagar, Baitadi, Sudurpaschim, Nepal. His father is a retired Indian Army officer who died when Tilak was six years old. Tilak’s brother krishna singh pela is also a singer and a classical music composer.

He was a very active singer, having started singing in school at a young age. Pela had a strong desire to sing since he was a child. He dropped out of school after failing SLC and spent more time singing and writing. When Tilak Singh Pela used to visit the Ram Leela in his village, he was motivated to sing.


Name Tilak Singh Pela
Brother Krishna Singh Pela
Age & DOB 2032 B.S.
Place of Birth Dashrath Chandranagar, Baitadi, Sudurpaschim, Nepal
Profession Singer, Composer

Tilak Singh Pela Musical Career

He came to Kathmandu in 2053 B.S. with the help of his brother to record his first song. His first song was “Kahani Banena Mero Kehi Yestai Bhayo Jindagi Mero.” This song is available in his album named “Ashu.” Krishna Singh wrote this song, and Tilak Singh gave it music.

Tilak’s second song was “Lukauna Khojda Pani Aanshu,” and after the success of the “Ashu” album, he released the “Ashu 2” album. In Kathmandu, he achieved “Sangit prabin taha.”

tilak singh pela
Photo: Tilak Singh Pela Facebook

A little bit of name and fame followed, but that was not enough for him to get what he deserved. The hunger for classical music drives him to India. There were very few places to learn about classical music in Nepal. At that time, classical music was more popular in India than in Nepal.

In Ilahabad, India, Tilak Singh Pela received the honorary title of Prayag Sangeet Mahabidhyalaya Acharya.

Tilak Singh Pela was accepted as a student by a Guruu named Devasis Dev in 2067 B.S. after passing an exam. So, he got an opportunity to learn classical music from there.

From 2054 B.S. to 2076 B.S., he remained silent and didn’t even release a single album. In 2076 B.S., he made his comeback with the song “Nirjan Kinar.”

Pal Pal Ghazal

Pal Pal, a Nepali Ghazal, released on October 22, 2022. This ghazal is from the album “Nirjan Kinaar.” The song was written by Ranjeet Gyawali.

Ke Lat Basyo

“Ke Lat Basyo” is the turning point in Pela’s musical career. He has a gem of a voice. His voice is so soothing to listen to every day. Always devoted to Saadhana and Riaaz, he deserved this breakthrough.

The true story behind “Ke Lat Lagyo” is also interesting. Pela had no desire to be the singer for this particular song. Tilak  had planned to have his student Kamal Bishta perform the song.

But Pradeep Kumar Mainali, the writer of the gajal, was so impressed with Pela’s quality of voice that he asked him to sing the song instead. Pela was unable to refuse Mainali’s request.

As a result, Nepal’s music industry received a fantastic piece. Nowadays, Pela is a well-known vocalist. He is attracting attention. I’m happy with how listeners are responding, he says.

Pela has returned with strong energy, optimism, and musical excellence.

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