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Sisan Baniya Biography, Vlogging Journey and Affair

sisan baniya biography

If you are a Nepali millennial belonging  to Gen Y or Gen Z who is also fond of watching videos on YouTube especially vlogs, you definitely must be familiar with one of the most popular YouTube stars and content creators of Nepal, Sisan Baniya.

However, if you are still unknown about who Sisan Baniya is, you have come to the right place. Let’s learn more about his life through this article. YouTube star and youth’s all-time favorite vlogger, Sisan Baniya is an aspiring content creator, filmmaker, documentary film-maker, short funny video maker and photographer.

These days Sisan Baniya is in the limelight for dating one of the most popular Miss Nepal, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, who is currently pursuing her master’s degree from Harvard University. Let’s go through his life in detail.

Early Age and Education

Born on June 10, 1991 in Kathmandu Nepal, Sisan Baniya was always a curious child. He did his schooling at a private school in his hometown. As a child he was always interested in cameras, filmmaking, photography and travelling. Photography and filmmaking were not well known or considered as ideal professions back when Sisan Baniya decided to pursue his career in these fields.

He started his career as a photographer where he charged Rs. 2000 for photo shoots and Rs. 3000 for cover shoots and that’s how his journey in the media field began.

sisan baniya

Talking about his family, he belongs to a Christian family which includes his father, mother and an elder brother and his wife. According to his Youtube vlogs, Sisan Baniya stays with his family at a house in Kathmandu however, these days he has been staying at his office of Paradygm TV along with his team members.

Height and Weight

Talking about his height and weight, Sisan Baniya is 5 feet and 8 inches in height and 64kg in weight respectively.

Vlogging Journey

It is said that Sisan Baniya was primarily inspired by Sushant Pradhan, an influencer and a fitness trainer.

Sisan Baniya started his YouTube journey on 29 September 2008. On 6 June 2009, he posted his first ever video on his YouTube channel which was a short and sarcastic video about ending load shedding in Nepal. Since then, he has uploaded lots of videos on his YouTube channel.


Talking about his marital status, Sisan Baniya is unmarried. There is a rumor that Sisan Baniya is dating one of the most talented and renowned Miss Nepal, Shrinkhala Khatiwada.

The couple have not confirmed the rumor officially yet, however they don’t seem to deny it as well as they are often seen posting each other’s pictures in their social media accounts. Sisan and Shrinkhala got popular in the media when Sisan uploaded the videos of their Europe tour in 2019 and both of them posted pictures of the tour in their Instagram account.

sisan baniya and shrinkhala khatiwada

The couple seemed to have lots of fun exploring different parts of Europe and most of their fans sip them together as a couple.

Currently, rumored girlfriend Shrinkhala Khatiwada is pursuing her Masters in Urban Planning at the most renowned college, Harvard University. Similarly, Sisan Bania is pursuing his masters at Phoniex College of Management, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Net Worth

Sisan Baniyas’ income mostly comes from his YouTube channel. He has over 636k subscribers in his channel as of 2022. He has been actively involved in doing various big projects and collaborations with renowned faces of Nepal such as NimsDai with whom he has done a project called Project Possible. Also, he is seen working with various other celebrities such as Anil Keshary Shah, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Chetan Vlogs, Mr. Foodie Nepal and many more.

He became more renowned in the media field after his project with Shrinkhala Khatiwada for her Miss Nepal World introduction video which won her Multimedia Award in 2018.

sisan baniya net worth

Besides vlogging and photography, Sisan Baniya also has his separate channel called Paradygm TV which has 444k subscribers as of 2022. This channel is purely entertainment and educational based which mainly focuses on youths and their perception on various social issues of the society.

Apart from that Sisan Baniya has also started a new YouTube channel called Paradygm Podcast which has 112k subscribers as of 2022.  As Nepali podcasts are gaining more popularity these days after the popular podcast of Sanjay Silwal Gupta, Paradygm Podcasts has become one of the finest podcasts.

His podcast shows faces from various backgrounds and industries discussing the issues that are faced by people in Nepalese society. He has called many known faces in his podcast such as Balen Shah, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Gagan Thapa, Rekha Thapa and many more.

Social Media Account

 Apart from YouTube, Sisan Baniya is very active on Instagram. He has 223k followers on his Instagram account as of 2022. He mainly uploads pictures and videos of his travels, vlogs and lifestyle which seems to be very fascinating for youths.

These are the social media account link of Sisan Baniya if you want to know more information about him.



Sisan Baniya Youtube


Paradygm Podcasts

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