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Sajjan Raj Vaidya Biography, Career, and Relationship

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Sajjan Raj Vaidya is a singer, songwriter, composer, and producer who is popular all over Nepal. In 2014, he released his debut single, “Aaja Matra,” and became famous after his new releases, “Hawaijahaj” and “Chitthi Bhitra.” His songs are not just songs for people; from the moment people fell in love to the moment their hearts broke into pieces, his songs have been a part of their lives.


Sajjan Raj Vaidya was born on September 9, 1991, in Kathmandu. Sajjan attended Man Bhawan Lalitpur’s Aadarsha Vidya Mandir. He spent his childhood around Kathmandu. He was lucky to have a music-loving family; basically, every family member loves to listen to music. From his early life, Sajjan was very interested in music.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya started his music career as a Youtuber in late 2000s. Therefore, He did many cover songs and are quite popular among young Nepalese. Some of his hit cover songs are Leho House, All of me, One- Ed Sheeran etc.

Later on he started singing with his own song. Some people say he has magic in his voice and his song too. Currently, he lives in New York, USA. After being in USA for long, still Vaidya use very authentic and typical Nepali lyrics in his songs.

Sajjan is also a male Instagram influencer from Nepal, owning more than 187k followers on Instagram.


Name Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Height 5feet 8 inches
School Adarsha Vidya Mandir, Man Bhawan Lalitpur
Age & DOB
September 10, 1993
Place of Birth Kathmandu, Nepal
Current Living San Francisco, U.S.
Horoscope Virgo
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Relationship Single
Favorite Football Club Arsenal Football Club
Inspiration and Favorite Singer John Mayer
Nepali Favorite Singer Sabin Rai
Favorite Songs Gravity (John Mayer), Can’t help falling in love (Elvis Presley)
Notable Songs Chitthi Bhitra and Hawaijahaj


Sajjan made his debut with the song “Aaja Matra” in 2014. In 2016, his next single, “Hawaijahaj,” catapulted him to fame. The music video for the song was produced by Fuzz Factory Production.

Hawaijahaj was a breakthrough in his music career. The song became quite popular among Nepalese music lovers, and people started following Sajjan Raj Vaidya on various social platforms.

His music career started accordingly, and Sajjan released back-to-back hit songs: Mayaloo (Aug. 1, 2017) and Chithi Bhitra (Jan. 1, 2018). Chitthi Bhitra made him more popular and made people fall in love with him. Here are some comments people have expressed through their words.

sajjan raj vaidya

At the present time, “Chithi Bhitra” has crossed 54 million views on YouTube. His another hit was “Hataridai, Bataasindai,” which depicts a straight couple and a gay couple kissing, which is very uncommon in Nepalese society as of now. Sajjan Raj Vaidya is one of the very few Nepali music artists to represent the LGBTQ community through his music videos.


Sajjan started Katha in 2018. The series debuted on the artist’s YouTube channel. The video series features a live, acoustic rendition of a song published by the artist or some other artists and also includes sections discussing the origin and composition of that particular song.

  • Episode 1: Nothing in My Head Besides Timi
  • Episode 2: Mellow
  • Episode 3: Marijau (featuring Bikki Gurung)
  • Episode 4: Purva Jaaney Panchi (featuring Joyous Gurung)
  • Episode 5: Alapatra (featuring Yabesh Thapa)

Girlfriend, Relationship, and Affairs of Sajjan Raj Vaidya

The Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer is married. He is married to Arogya Khadka. His beloved wife is an artist manager at Team Sajjan Raj Vaidya. We do not have more information about his wife.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya Songs Collection:

  • Aaja Matra (2014)
  • Hawaijahaj (2016)
  • Mayaloo (2017)
  • Chitthi Bhitra (2018)
  • Mooskaan (2018)
  • Hataarindai, Bataasindai (2019)
  • Mellow (2018)
  • Pahaar (2019)
  • Kurakaani (2019)
  • Somebody Else (2020)
  • Sukumbasi (2020)
  • BLYHL (2020)
  • Phutki Janey Jovan (2020)
  • Lukaamaari (2021)
  • Ulta Paila (2021)
  • Parkhai (2021)
  • Naganya Maya (2021)
  • Sasto Mutu (2022)
  • Ek Sarvanaam (2022)
  • Dhairya (2022)
  • Hyatteri (2023)

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