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Man behind Routine of Nepal Banda (Victor Poudel)


It will be difficult for people to think that you are a Nepali if you don’t know the name Routine of Nepal Banda. One of Nepal’s most popular social media pages is Routine of Nepal Banda, better known as RONB. As of 2022, RONB has over 3 million Facebook fans and 1.2 million Instagram followers, making it one of the most well-liked news outlets in Nepal.

Have you ever wondered who the person behind one of Nepal’s most popular pages is and how it got started? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. Let’s learn more specifics about the person who created the Routine of Nepal Banda page.

About Victor Poudel

Victor Poudel is the founder and admin of Routine of Nepal Banda which was established in 2011 AD. He is also well known for his esports gaming company DRS gaming.

DRS gaming is popular for playing PUBG tournaments around the world and is the top 10 gaming company in south asia as of 2022.

Personal Life

Born on 20 May 1998, in Baglung, Nepal, Victor Poudel is currently 24 years of age and has a height of 5.7. He belongs to a hindu family and is currently residing in the capital city.

Talking about his dating and relationship history, though much is not known but there are rumors that Victor is currently off the market. Victor Poudel is rumored to be dating the popular “College Nepal” actress Riyasha Dahal.

victor poudel

Despite both the celebrities keeping their relationship status hidden, the rumor started floating around after the two shared a Tiktok video that showed them playing around in the snow at Kalinchowk. In spite of making no comments, it is said that the two have been together for at least two years.

Net worth of Victor Poudel aka Routine of Nepal Banda

The major source of income of RONB is paid promotion for brands. They tie up with various information that are beneficial to the audience with products and services for promotion.

They are also actively involved in collaboration and sponsorship of different events. The page charges minimum NPR 50,000(estimated) for the paid promotion.

Routine of Nepal Banda

Due to unstable conditions in Nepalese politics, there was a time when Nepalese experienced Nepal Banda (Strike) almost once a week. Every business and schools were highly affected by Nepal Banda.

Also, some of the strikes were considered as rumors. There was no proper source of information that people could rely on regarding Nepal Banda and holidays. Children’s studies, offices, and businesses were affected due to lack of proper information.

People used to gather information from police hotline numbers in these circumstances to learn about the situation so that they could plan their day accordingly. However, again the source of information was not reliable.

Photo: https://www.ukrai.com.np/

That was the time when the Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) came into place. One fine day, a young man named Victor Poudel decided to open a Facebook page and name it Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) with regards to the issue that Nepalese people were facing due to lack of proper information about Nepal Banda and the rest is history.

Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB), established in 2011 AD is owned by Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Under Company Act, 2063), Department of Information Reg. Number 1766/076-77, and based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The page came into hype in 2015 during the time of the earthquake when it started circulating different breaking news regarding earthquake and political conditions on Nepal via social media. As of now, Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) has become one of the most reliable and authentic sources of information for any kind of information about Nepal.

How does RONB Works

According to sources there are 6 active members running the page of RONB including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The medium and source of information for Routine of Nepal Banda is email, direct message and phone calls. The team validates the information and news provided by people and then only posts it in their social media page.

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