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Gopal Hamal Biography: The Rise of a Visionary Leader

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Born on Jestha 16, 2020 B.S., in Jhanjhatpur, Manikapur VDC, Kailali, Nepal. Gopal Hamal was a keen learner from childhood. Hamal’s father and mother’s names are Krishna Prasad Hamal and Jharendra Devi Hamal, respectively. Gopal Hamal is 60 years old as of now.

His ancestors were from Kapilvastu district in Nepal. Gopal’s grandfather migrated from Kapilvastu to Kailali and started a social life there.

gopal hamal family
Photo: Arzoo Hamal Facebook

He has two daughters and a Son. We only have the name Arzoo Hamal; there is no information about other siblings. Arzoo is the daughter of Gopal Hamal and Sharada Hamal. Hamal’s wife’s name is Sharada Hamal.

Gopal Hamal Biography

Name Gopal Hamal
Father Krishna Prasad Hamal
Mother Jharendra Devi Hamal
Daughter Arzoo Hamal (No info about other son  and daughter)
Age & DOB Jestha 16, 2020 B.S.
Place of Birth Jhanjhatpur, Manikapur, Kailali, Nepal
Profession Businessman, Politician
Relationship Sharada Hamal (Wife)
Net Worth Not available
Zodiac Sign Not available


Gopal Hamal started his official schooling at the Trinagar School in Dhangadhi. Later, he completed his higher education at Kailali Bahumukhi Campus, located on Campus Road in Dhangadhi.

He was also a Bharattolak player in his adult years. Gopal was a very active sportsman, as he loved to play various games.

Gopal Hamal: Social Worker

A social worker from a very young age. Gopal Hamal initiated the start of a blood bank in Dhangadhi in 2042 B.S. by inviting late Narayan Gopal, Madan Krishna Shrestha, and Hari Bansha Acharaya by playing in a Sanskritic Sanjh program. He was only 22 years old at the time.

Afterwards, Gopal Hamal started the Sundar Sudurpaschim and Gantabya Sudurpaschim campaign to help Sudurpaschim regain its fame as it was depicted as the place of inadequacy, “Deuki Pratha”, “Chaupadi Pratha”, social injustice, and “Dalit” and non-Dalit sense of distinction.

Gopal Hamal exhibited 1000 photos of the different art and culture of Sudurpaschim and campaigned for it in different parts of the country. So, he is regarded by the people of the Sudurpaschim as a leader and visionary person of the Sundar Sudurpaschim.

15 years ago, when Gopal Hamal was the president of the FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries), the FNCCI-Sudur Paschim Pradesh got the best branch award.

gopal hamal social worker
Photo: Dinesh Khabar

Under his leadership, the influential leaders of the center who reached the far west were garlanded with 38 kilos of the demand letters that were handed over to remind them of the problems there.

This was also his idea. For this, he started the Mahotsav in Dhangadhi, and a 21 kg garland was given to Sher Bahadur Deuba along with 21 buds. After that, the custom of garlands for the leaders spread.

Kapada Bank

Hamal started “Kapada Bank” in Dhangadhi, as it was the first in all of Nepal. Then it was expanded to the entire Country through different social activists.

People who have excess clothes can donate them, and those who do not can receive them through “Kapada Bank”. He also initiated Mahaprasthan Yan, as it was a free service for the transportation of dead people and families who could not afford it.

Gopal Hamal as a businessman

Gopal Hamal is a long-time businessman. He started his business empire under the name of Dinesh, his brother.

More than 600 people have been facilitated in Dinesh Industries and all. Gopal has a lot of businesses under his name: Dinesh Agro, Dinesh FM, Dinesh Pharmacy, Dinesh Showroom, Dinesh Hotels, and many more.

With his dedication, hard work, and concern for the people of Dhangadhi, Gopi Dai achieved what he was aiming for.


Gopal Hamal entered politics in 2074 B.S. as an individual candidate for the post of Mayor of Sub-Metro Dhangadhi. He was defeated by Congress Candidate Nirpa Bahadur Oad with a very small margin in 2074 B.S.

2074 B.S.

Gopal Hamal: 11,527

Nirpa Bdr. Oad: 14,324 (Elected)

After his defeat, Gopal Hamal was elected to the Bibeksheel Sajha Party, which was led by Ravindra Mishra (now a Raprapa Central Party Member).

Gopal Hamal was the leader of Sudurpaschim Province in the Bibeksheel Sajha Party. He was then named Gopi Dai by his well-wishers.

Gopi Dai left the Bibeksheel Sajha party due to their internal conflict just six months before the local election in 2079 B.S.

2079 B.S.

Gopal Hamal: 26,865 (Elected)

Nirpa Bahadur Oad:  14817

gopal hamal and nirpa odd
Photo: Online Khabar

Mr. Gopal Hamal defeated the rival candidate from Gathabandhan, Nirpa Bahadur Oad, with his election symbol “Mango”. After he won the election, Hamal declared not to take a penny from the Nepal Government while sitting in the post of Mayor of Dhangadhi.

His main agenda was to resolve the problem of flooding during the monsoon. His tenure would be successful if he solved the problem of flooding during the five years of his tenure.

One Year of Gopal Hamal’s Work

  • WhatsApp Number for the people of Dhangadhi: 9858488895

  • Ward Health Clinic with Doctors to Visit Every Ward in Dhangadhi
  • Smart Street Light in Six Lanes from Bhansar to Godawari Nagarpalika Touchline.
  • Green Dhangadhi Campaign
  • Made a waiting room with AC in the Dhangadhi Sub-Metro Office so that it is easy for the customers, and then the information about their work and the time of the employees can be taken from the Touchscreen system placed there.
  • Free-of-service Ambulance for pregnant women inside Dhangadhi
  • Luna GPS: Implementation of a Garbage Vehicle Tracking System
  • Electric Vehicle within the territory of Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan
  • Four-lane Road with Modern facilities on the main road of Dhangadhi from Dhangadhi Chauraha to Campus Chowk

Many positive steps are in process to make Dhangadhi a Green and Prosperous City within Gopal Hamal’s tenure. We can all check what he is doing on his Facebook wall.

Gopal Hamal Social Media Accounts



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